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How to view your booked lessons

* You will receive email booking confirmations, email reminders and even a text message on your phone if you gave us your number

* You can see your past and future lessons each time you book a new lesson

* If you want to view your booked lessons by logging in to the booking calendar system, you will need to register for an account (see below)

Register for an account?

You do not need to register for a booking calendar account because you can still book lessons without. Also, you can change or cancel lessons from your original lesson confirmation email or reminder.

So why register?

It is not necessary to register but if you do, these are the advantages:

* You can see all your past and future booked lessons whenever you want

* You can cancel or reschedule lessons in the system

* The system remembers your time zone so you don't need to enter this each time you book

How to register

1) To create an account you will need to first book or purchase a lesson on the website. You can also do this from a confirmation or reminder email if you change or cancel a lesson.

2) On the confirmation page you are given the option to 'Register for an account'

3) Complete the required fields

When you buy a single lesson or course you will receive a code. Simply redeem the code to book lessons in our calendar.

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How to cancel or reschedule lessons after you book

You can change or cancel your lesson from your original lesson confirmation email or reminder. However, if you want to change it in the booking calendar system, you will need to register for an account.

If you want to register, first read the information on the left of this page

If you have already registered, log-in to cancel, reschedule or view all past and future lessons: