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  • This new feature began on Monday 1st October 2018.

  • The calendar operates from 06:00 GMT - 23:00 GMT.

  • Teachers will be on a shared calendar under the name 'English Teacher Online (Lesson NOW)'

  • Emails will be sent to teachers as soon as a lesson NOW request has been booked by a student.


  • Mobile phone numbers will need to be added to the calendar if teachers would also like to receive text alerts.  Please note that nobody else will be able to see this number.  Please contact Paul on info@speakenglishonline.com and confirm your number if you would like to have your it added.

  • Students will have the option to book a lesson that starts within the next 15 minutes up to within the next 3 hours or so.

  • When students book they may select a 20, 30, 45 or 60 minute session.  They also complete a short form confirming their nationality, level and the type of lesson required.  This is because you may not have taught the student before and there may be insufficient time for us to upload documents.  You can download a whiteboard template when you go to the Zoom session.

  • Although a specific lesson duration will be requested by the student, the teacher has the option to reduce the duration if only available for a limited time.  Additionally, if the students asks for the time to be extended and you are available, this can be done.  Just record the actual duration you taught both on the student history document and on your lesson claims document.  


  • There is no obligation to claim any request but obviously we do encourage you to claim as many as you can, especially in the initial weeks so that students are not deterred by a lack of teachers!

  • Once you receive an email lesson request that you would like to claim, it's important to follow the steps below as quickly as possible:    

About Lesson NOW


  1. The student clicks the 'Lesson NOW' button which appears at the top of each web page

  2. Teachers immediately receive an email and text message (if required) with details about the lesson & student (scroll down email)

  3. If you're available and would like to teach the lesson, reply to the email and type CLAIMED BY XXX (your name) in the subject heading of the email and send back to info@speakenglishonline.com

  4. Go to the website and click Teachers / Teacher Staff Room / Go to Zoom (Don't click the link yet - see step 5 below)   

  5. If you don't already have any documents for your LessonNOW student, you'll need to: (a) Download a Whiteboard template and follow the instructions on the document to make a copy and (b) Download a Student History template

  6. Click the 'Go to Lesson NOW meeting room' link

  7. Enter the meeting password: (Same password as usual)

  8. If you see this pop-up, because you are the

      host you need to click on the Login link

   9. Another pop-up will open (see below) but you

       may need to search for it as it can open behind

       other windows.  Enter email & password for

       Lesson NOW (see Teacher Facebook group)

10. After Zoom opens look for the Lesson NOW logo / account name: English Teacher Online to confirm that you're in the correct account.  If not, click the drop-down and select 'Switch account'

11. To prevent others entering your meeting room it's important to 'Lock meeting' as soon as your student enters the room.  This will also inform other teachers, who may also be claiming it, that the lesson has already been claimed.  Simply click 'Manage participants' in the Zoom display tool and then click on 'More' in the bottom-right corner and select 'Lock meeting'.  (See below)

12. It's recommended that you keep your 'regular', personal Zoom account as the default account so remember to switch back to that account if you've taught a Lesson NOW.  If not, you and your student could be waiting in different rooms!