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Private classes per month

Book / cancel notice

Number personal teachers

Lesson duration option

General English

Business English

Exam preparation

 Self-study material

Group classes

Level placement test

Speaking fluency test

Personal study advisor


€5 per month

20 minutes

24  hours before

1 teacher

20 minutes


€27 per month


18 hours before

1 - 2 teachers

30 minutes


€90 per month


12 hours before

3 - 4  teachers

20/30/45 minutes


€163 per month


3 hours before

All teachers

20/30/45/60 minutes

Private classes 1:1

Example 1 (STANDARD):

Buy 2 hours and have 4 x 30 minutes per month.

Example 2 (PREMIUM PLUS): Buy 6 hours and have 12 x 30 minutes, 6 x 60 minutes, 8 x 45 minutes or mix them.

Self-study material

We have done all the work! The best material for learning English with easy-to-find categories.

Booking notification

Depending on the package you choose, you can book, cancel or reschedule classes up to just 3 hours before!

Group lessons

A great way to learn, meet other students and practice speaking. Our group classes have a maximum of 6 students.

Number of teachers

You are limited to choosing the same teacher for basic packages but the premium PLUS gives you access to any teacher.

Level placement test

Take a test at the beginning to check your level. Take it again later and see your progress! Receive a certificate on completion.

Lesson duration

When you book a class you can choose a duration of either 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute lessons - each time you book! (premium PLUS only)

Speaking fluency test

This is a 30 minute oral assessment. It's all very relaxed and the teacher will send you a full evaluation report afterwards.

Types of English

You can choose any type, all at the same price!: General English, Business English, English for your job or exam preparation (all exams e.g. FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL etc...)

Personal study advice

Book a session with your personal adviser and get expert advice on your studies.